Monthly Archives: August 2011

Going to Delaware (1st state formed) on Fri!! Changed plans from Rhode Island D: now wanna visit the place where Dead Poet’s Society filmed!

Crap… Hazelwood for Bio… Gonna have to change that or I’ll be f.ed…

God, I can remember back when Pokémon wasn’t based on a bunch of theoretical EV and IV numbers, just about playing the game and having fun. Those were the days…

Math: 2 ppl start calling chain. Each person in chain call 3 ppl. Thus, there r 6 calls in 1st round. How many calls were made in 5th round?

Just got word that Steve Jobs is stepping down as CEO of Apple!!! I’m sad…

Going 2 Rhode Island/New Hampshire during da Labor Day weekend! I’ll mak sure 2 say hi 2 Peter Griffin+watch Family Guy while in Providence!

Didn’t feel anything from today’s MINI earthquake… People!!! Stop worrying!!! The folks down in Cali are laughing at us right now!!!

Must study math! Determine the maximum area of a rectangle, in square centimeters, if the parameter is 66cm. What’s dimension of rectangle?

Ahhh listening to Chinese media is so calm and smoothing! Everything you hear is good things about China!!! Just love the positive attitude!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MADONNA!!!! 53 years haven’t looked any better!!!