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New Year’s = A New beginning.

New Year Day to me is usually a way to erase the bad memories of the past and refresh it with something better. We like to call those New Year’s resolutions. However, like you and me know, they normally don’t last for more than a week. Some even less than a day. There are a few who can carry it out for a month, but there’s only a tiny few who can carry it for the entire year. Let’s be honest to ourselves. We can’t keep a New Year’s resolution and therefore there’s no point in starting one. Unless your extremely serious about it, though I doubt it, don’t make a New Year’s resolution. Make one during the year. If you get into trouble, move on. But move on with the knowledge that you made this mistake and therefore will try your best to not make it again. If it’s something else like exercising to lose that 10 pounds, have someone encourage you to do it. Chances are, if there’s someone telling you to do something, you are a lot more likely to do it. It’s hard to tell yourself to do this and that without anyone helping you out. Trust me, writing this blog is one of the things I really have to constantly remind myself to do. I know writing this blog is extremely optional, but I know writing it will help voice my opinions and help with my English. However, there are those days where I just forget about it and tend to ignore it for a while. Same for losing weight. Unless your doing it everyday, chances are, you’re gonna get lazy and not start working out. It’s really human nature to be lazy. Of course there are those who are workaholics, however a majority of the people in this world are lazy. It’s ok. I mean what can you do about what nature does to your body? But remember you may one day regret not doing that workout you promised yourself to do. I certainly worked my ass off after a harsh visit to the doctor’s… That was like 2 years ago. Now I visit my doctor every month… Which is excessive for a teenager… But whenever I end up going, I can’t control myself to either workout more because my body is really unhealthy or stop my craving for coffee because my caffeine is terribly bad for your body too. I love my latte’s and double creme/sugar.

Again, don’t make a New Year’s resolution unless your certainly sure you are going to able to keep it. Let’s face it, after a week of telling yourself to workout, your gonna get lazy and stop. Let’s be honest with ourselves and just make one throughout the year.

Oh and Happy New Year. πŸ™‚ the world ain’t gonna end folks. It’s like that stupid pastor guy who said the world was gonna end like sometime during this 2011…

Party hard, but make sure to have a designated driver if your gonna drink at the party! Remember a lot of public buses are offering free bus service tonight, so those who can’t afford the taxi or a designated driver, the public buses are definitely an option!



Everyone stay safe and be good!

Merry Christmas everyone!



I’m kinda unsure what to really talk about in this post. However, in life, especially in English, you will have write articles with complete BS because you haven’t studied for the subject and writing an essay is only possible through BSing over your work.

BSing your work is actually not a hard thing to do. Actually what I’m doing right now is BSing my work. Well not my work but my blog post. This is because I’m currently surrounded by my friends who are extremely into The Big Bang Theory, which is a show I don’t really watch and I don’t wanna get into a habit of watching. I mean it’s probably a good show, but I don’t wanna become an addict on TV shows, like I already am with COPS and Family Guy πŸ™‚

Anyway, BSing is a really easy thing to do and it’s especially great thing to do when you have no idea what to talk about. Plus you can get a good mark πŸ™‚

LOL AT&T just dropped their bid to buy T-Mobile!!! OMGGGGOSH


Christmas is around the corner…. OR IS IT…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…………. Everyone knows that song…. And it gets played a lot during the Christmas time. But the questions is, is it really the most wonderful time of the year?

Christmas is all about meeting friends and spending time with loved ones and for the little ones, it’s all about getting gifts from Santa. Because Santa Claus is a real person who works at your local Walmart or shopping center. And you get to take pictures with him there. But what about the children who do not get a gift from Santa? Who are these children? These children are ones who live in your neighborhood. These children do not have a gift for Christmas not because Santa was too busy to give a gift for them, it’s because in life, nothing comes free without any work. These children expect toΒ receiveΒ a gift without doing much, except for being good and nice. That’s not enough for today’s society. Being good and nice won’t get you much, except maybe a few friends that talk to you onΒ occasion. Children need to learn how cruel life can be. Christmas is a time for fun and good times, but not every family will be able to get this gift of Christmas. Stuffing a bus with toys or running toy drives won’t really do much, because these gifts will be given to the children who are extremely poor, AKA in homeless shelters because their moms/dads are drug addicts. What about those families who have lost their job in this cruel economy? Do the kids from these families get a gift from these donations? Nope. We think that the middle class families can really support themselves. But seeing how the American economy is, there are a lot of children from in the middle class families who do not get to have a wonderful Christmas time, with gifts. These middle class families who just lost their jobs in this terrible economy should really be taken into attention. Sure, those kids who live in homeless shelters need help too, but we can’t forget those families who actually supported the economy. These middle class families are now suffering because they recently been hit with this terrible recession and these children are gonna suffer with the parents.

Christmas is a time to give. Not just to those who are homeless.


A plea to the cell phone companies.

LTE. What does that stand for? 3GPP Long Term Evolution. We know it for its commercials on TV that Verizon and AT&T constantly hosts. They tell us that LTE is a completely faster network for those using smartphones, reaching up to speeds of 150 megabits/second. That’s a gallzion times faster than my crappy Internet. But really, what can we benefit out of LTE? Now if your not a techy guy, you would not give a crap about this LTE thing. However, most of y’all would want LTE. This blog entry is to talk about how Verizon or any of the other carriers should make the plans of LTE cheaper so more Americans can use this wonderful piece of technology. Seriously. I don’t wanna be asking to much out of the cell phone companies but I do wanna see more unlimited data plans being cheaper. Sprint currently offers their unlimited data plan, in which they market as a truly unlimited plan. I agree with 100% of what they are saying about the unlimitedness, but let’s take a look at the price of the plan shall we? 79.99 a month. Let’s just say 80, so we won’t get confused by their little marketing ploy. If we signed a 2 year contract with Sprint, how much do you think the average person will be paying in total for their “unlimited” plan? Let’s see, 80*24= 1920. So $1920 bucks. Oh wait! I forgot something! TAXES! Assuming there is no additional fees, which Sprint obviously will be charging you every month like 911 service, we’ll pretend to be living in the state of New York and the sales tax there is 4%. So let’s do the math again. Adding 4% tax will make the 80 bucks be more like $83.20. 83.2*24= 1996.8. That’s $2000. Actually probably a bit more, if you add in the surcharges and depending on which state you live in. So we’ll just roughly assume its 2000 bucks for a perfect 2 year contract. For unlimited data. That’s too much. Way too much. And not to mention Sprint doesn’t have LTE service yet, though they plan to release it very soon. So cell phone companies, if you get to read this. Please. I mean please. Make all the unlimited data plans cheaper. 50 bucks a month? Including talk and text. And please allow us use to LTE networks!


Diversity, what a lie.

America is a place where everyone says we’re diverse and accepting towards other cultures and beliefs, but is that really true? Does this country really try to accept different cultures? Nope, not really. Actually not at all. Which is ok to a degree. For example, there was an issue when a high school in California banned students from wearing patriotic American clothes on Cinco De Mayo, which in my opinion, is totally absurd. You should be able to show your pride on any given day and not allowing these students from showing their pride on May 5 is just plain stupid. We don’t live in Mexico….

However, another type of anti diversity in this country is the fact that many people this nation doesn’t accept cultures especially the Muslim culture. Now I understand what they try to do to our country, but as a nation, we shouldn’t be keeping all of them hostage. It’s a very small minority of the Muslim people who actually think about destroying the American society. A majority of them are actually really happy that they get to live in a wonderful country like America and not in a country like Iraq or Saudi Arabia, where people are treated very differently (especially women). However there are still millions of ignorant Americans out there, talking bullcrap about the Muslim people and what they believe in. Now, I do not tolerate the ignorant things these people are saying but I do some what understand why they do it. It’s like Jewish people hating against Germans. It’s understandable. But if America wants to be a place where we accept different cultures, then we need to learn to tolerate people of all cultures. This is why I always like to judge people by their personality, not by their race. Sure I sometimes like to organize people from school, like whether their Hispanic, Caucasian or Black, but all my friends are just nice people. I don’t hang out with them because they are white or black, I hang out with them because they are nice people.

America, smarten up. Stop being ignorant towards people of different cultures.