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What is a mark?

Is a mark supposed to represent how smart a student is? Or is it supposed to symbolize the hard work that person has put in? Many people argue that the marks are supposed to represent both, which is why when colleges/universities decide on admissions, they will look at a person’s GPA (and not just their SAT/ACT mark). However, I believe marks are only a representation of how smart the person is. For colleges/universities to look at our GPA is just as fair as doing an IQ test to see if your set to get admission to that college/university. Now why does hard work not get counted into our GPA? That’s simple, if you think about a kid who tries hard in school but can’t seem to grasp the concept of a subject (mainly in the maths and sciences), do you think hard work will pay off? Nope. Here’s a great example. The kid who sits beside me in math class. Everyday, he gets out his notes and pretends (well not really), but he writes the notes off the textbook and determines that is enough. I would perceive that he is lacking the knowledge in math and probably in life, because he thinks that writing notes is more important than listening to the teacher. This is an excellent example of how dumb kids can’t get high marks, no matter how much they try. His current GPA in math is 1.45. No jokes. It may be because he messed up his first quiz, but that’s only because his studying methods are questionable.

So why don’t colleges/universities do it? Why don’t they just make up an IQ test for admissions? Why do they look at your GPA and SAT/ACT scores? That’s a question for the admission folks to answer. I believe they need to look at the ways of grading the GPA, if their gonna use it. Teachers (talking mostly about those in the maths and sciences specifically) need to understand that tests/quizes aren’t the only forms of determining a person’s GPA score. There are many other forms of assessments like projects, presentations, etc. Those usually help those who are dumb, but want to try, a chance to score a higher GPA (because of their hard work). They shouldn’t be penalized for studying hard (even though their ways of studying is pretty questionable).

All I want people to know is that in the real world, we don’t grade people through doing tests/quizes. They do not determine whether you can do the job or not. Many like MANY jobs require social skills, which can’t be gained through tests and quizes, however, in group projects and assignments, they can help you gain the required social skills in the workplace. My chemistry teacher said this, though I find that really hypocritical, since we only had one project in the entire course. Everything else was assessed through a test, quiz or lab test. It is good, that he understands that test taking isn’t a good way to educate folks like me.

So, question remains, are we able to change the policies of schools across the world and how colleges/universities look at GPAs? Maybe. But we need to start with educating those math and science teachers and telling them that tests and quizes aren’t the only ways to grade a person.


Hey guys, I wanna really start blogging again and on a timed basis, if I can remember. So far right now, I just feel lazy and don’t wanna write anything on here. Not that I don’t have any topics that I can jog on, but it’s just I’ve been really lazy and I don’t feel like writing it all down. 


But for now. I just wanna say bullying sucks and that people should not be able to put up with it. They especially should not be dealing with this crap. If you feel like your being bullied, don’t commit suicide or go on a school shooting rampage. Talk to people. If your parents aren’t helping look for others. Friends are one way, but if you don’t have any, there are always organizations that can help those struggling with bullying. There is always hope and suicide/school shooting should never be the answer to bullying.


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I haven’t gotten a lot of time to blog (well actually i do) but i choose not to blog because i’m lazy. well maybe sometime where i feel i should be vocal about things, i will soon start blogging again… for now… it’s just me and my lazy feelings that linger around. and i’m just writing this now because i have nothing to do on the class computer….. LOL


Wow. I’m finally back writing w/e I want on WordPress again 🙂 exams were shit like total shit and I’m off to a fresh start now. D: will be writing more random stuff in the coming weeks, don’t really have anything in my mind right now. Hopefully I will by the end of this week, which is when I hope I’ll be able to release a formal blog again!