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Life, God’s precious gift to us.

So this blog entry is going to much different my last two. In this entry, I’ll be talking about one of my closest family members who is in critical care.

My grandmother, has always been the best grandmother one can ask for. She has taken care of me when I was little, so she did the diapers, gave me the baths and of course feed me. My parents were busy working people while in China and they had my grandparents take care of me when they were away, working. When I turned 6 in 2000, I immigrated from China, away from her to this beautiful country that I am living here now. At that time I had no idea how awesome my grandmother treated me and how much she really loved me. I always went for my mom, in which she didn’t always like. I didn’t get to understand how important my grandparents were to me until I first went back to China in December 2003. Still, being in grade 4, I was not yet mature to understand the full story. At that time, I was still the kid who always wanted things. I remember really wanting a GBA to play Pokemon and my grandparents were there to support me all the way.

The very important year, December 2007 was when I finally understood the whole story. I was in grade 8 back then and I guess I was mature enough to really see the whole story. How? The best way, which is through watching my toddlerhood videos that my parents took of me. Of course there were my parents in the videos but I started to really get a picture on how important my grandparents, especially my grandmother was to me.

Summer 2009. Another time I can’t forget. After going to Beijing and some other big Chinese cities, I went back to my home “city” and of course stayed with my grandparents. Now this was very different because the last few years, all my trips to China had my parents following me. This time, I was alone. That meant I had all the time I wanted with my grandparents. There were quite a few things that I do not want to forget from this trip. First, I had gotten into an HUGE and I mean HUGE argument with my grandfather because I told him I didn’t want to wait 30 minutes outside looking stupid only to be waiting for one my dad’s friends to help me get glasses. (hey I think was not fully mature, maybe 90% there?) Anyway, so we had a huge verbal, actually a bit physical fight with each other ON THE STREET. So I walked away, found a taxi and rode it home. (I remember this day, like it was yesterday, even remember listening to You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift prior to the fight). So I went back to my grandparents home and the only person to greet me there was my grandmother. I sobbed my way to her and she was there to really comfort me. She really tried her best to comfort me. She said, my grandfather can throw nasty tamper tantrums at times and they can be quite scary. She told me to relax and chill and not worry about it. Her health was still a bit weak at that but she did her best to escort me (she came along too) to the bus stop and take the bus back to the place where my grandfather was. Now here’s where it gets a bit foggy. I don’t quite remember how I met up with my grandfather but I eventually did and he was with my dad’s friend. We still got my new glasses and we went back home. However, I still did not speak to my grandfather after that accident, I mean we were totally pissed at each other still. This DIDN’T last long, AT ALL. My grandmother told me my grandfather would throw quick tamper tantrums and then forget them the next day. Really? Yup really. The next day, he went outside early in the morning to buy me breakfast and bring it back home. So my grandmother went, “told you so”… And I was like “yea”… Hey, hey I’m not done! There was one more huge event that happened during my time with her. I believe this was a date close, or relatively close to my birthday (mid August), but it has nothing to do with it. So I wake up, 1-ish in the morning complaining to my grandmother who slept beside me, that I couldn’t breathe, or take in oxygen properly. She got worried, took my heart rate/beat right away, but she didn’t see anything wrong so we made our way to the hospital that opened for 24/7. We had to take a cab since midnight bus service was very limited. And my grandmother HATED taking cabs, since she could ride the bus/subway for free, cause she was a senior. So we rushed to the hospital and immediately asked for a blood test to see what was wrong. Oh I have to mention that I am a FOREIGNER therefore health care is obviously NOT free. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong through my blood but did give me some literally useless medication. That whole freak accident costed my grandmother around 200-300 yuan (50 bucks, remember you can’t compare the currencies like that). That was a huge payment for seniors who relied on welfare and dripped water on a constant basis to conserve water (so the dripped water would be used for flushing toilets or washing things). And we walked our way back, wasn’t much of a burden on me, but for 45-60 minutes of walking, that would definitely be a burden to my grandparents. After that event, my grandmother obviously got pissed at that hospital since it gave me no help at all and the fact that she’s a nurse makes her knowledgable towards the people working around the hospitals really well. To top that whole summer off, she gave me 1000 bucks. NOT YUAN. Not to say that I remember her for the money, but those were sacrifices that I really can’t express in words, on how much gratitude I have for her. The last thing I said on that 2009 trip was “Will I see you again?”, of course sobbing my way through. My grandmother’s response, “You will see us soon! Don’t cry, don’t worry!” However, that would be my second last time I will ever get to see her in good shape.

I will talk more about my last trip in Summer 2010 in my next blog, for visiting my grandparents. For now I want to say, thank you for being the best grandmother one can wish for. Thank you for taking care of me when I was down or sick. Thank you for giving me a blessed toddlerhood. Thank you for telling me how some of my relatives really are like. Thank you for helping me buy that Wii, iTouch and GBA. Thank you for walking with me to your friends place so that I can access Internet. Thank you for buying and cooking those delicious dishes for me while I was with you. Thank you for walking with me to the supermarket and buying those huge water bottles (and of course carrying them back). And finally, thank you for being a wonderful, caring, loving and thoughtful person. 谁谁你奶奶。我不会忘记你。


ICE ICE BABY ICE ICE BABY why am I saying this? Yes it’s because of the song, but mainly due to the fact that it’s related to chemistry. WAHHHHT how is that possible? When we first started the unit, Equilibrium, we had to use the formula “ICE” and out teacher forced us to say ICE ICE BABY whenever we started to do any of these questions. 🙂

ICE stands for Initial, Concentration, Equilibrium.

I personally like David Bowie’s original Under Pressure song, it’s much better in my opinion than ICE ICE BABY though ICE ICE BABY is a phrase we’ll be singing during our unit test for Equilibrium 🙂


I’m gonna start real blogging now!

So I had this 10 year old kid tell me on Facebook that he want to be blogging because his friends all did so. Of course he’s still 10 so I understood the peer pressure. He did it very awkwardly though, through narrating a video and he put it onto Facebook for his friends to see. I told him, you should start a blog on a website like WordPress or Tumblr, but he didn’t want to.

In his first video blog, he kept saying, “don’t make fun of me!” and not to mention he said several times that “it was extremely awkward.” Well if it’s awkward then why do you do it? But since he’s only 10, I could only understand the amount of peer pressure he had to create his first blog.

Now enough of gossiping about my Facebook friends. I thought of blogging not only because of this kid, but also a hobby to do aside from my homework and tests. All my (guy) friends play video games in their spare time, like there is any in the senior year of high school… My (girl) buddies (note that I did not use the word “friend”) like to watch Korean dramas or listen to Korean music. Or they do something made by Koreans. Sigh. That’s good time wasted in my perspective. So I think blogging is using my time more “wisely” as blogging can help my “terrible” English improve. Not that it “sucks” like an ESL student, but I do need to work my English.

So what should I start off by talking about? I have no idea. All I can think of now is a bio and chemistry test on Friday, and I’m just getting my head wrapped around photosynthesis… I still don’t the process!!! I find it somewhat more confusing than cellular respiration? Ugh…

I will try to blog once or more every week, depending how stressed I am about school. Haha that just remind me, so many of my friends are telling me how much school sucks. All I can say to them is, university/college won’t be any better. 🙂 I mean your paying for your tuition and if you fail, uhh it’s way worse than failing in public school. But I guess some of my friends have a long way to learn.


Jack 😉


So I have Sandra’s recording, all I need is Alisha’s part. She said she’ll get it to me today, but idk…


Today marks the first day that the iPod was sold and became available to the public. If Steve Jobs was still alive, he’d be proud.

I’m anticipating the release of the October 2011 MTI Top 10 countdown this Monday hope to y’all soon!

It’s raining hard outside… So hard that I can hear it…

Hey guys, one more thing, I confirmed with Sandra and she can spare some time to do the next countdown!!! With Alisha!!! I’m excited!!!

Hey guys!!! The MTI Top 10 countdown will be back by next week, I have solved the issue with Alisha and she should be doing it this weekend!