Monthly Archives: November 2010

My Pokemon brings all da nerds 2 da yard & their like, do u wanna trade cards? Dam right I wanna trade cards, I’ll trade u not my Charizard!

Sooooooo freaking cold outside :S

Happy Black Friday everyone… Found any good deals yet? Or was it too crowded at Walmart/Target?

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!! Save me some turkey when I get back from my freaking math unit test today 🙂 and I need to go shopping too!

Veterans Day. Remember those that lost their lives for protecting our nation.

MTI App Info!

When you are on your Android/iPhone/iTouch/iPad, visit this site, and then bookmark the app when you open it on your web browser. The app will be officially installed into your system later then. No downloads needed.

Seriously what’s with all the new “motion” games/consoles? And the the PS3 Move is exactly like the Wii… Sony = copycats 🙂

Waaaatttt? There’s a Love The Way You Lie Part 2????? Ok, listening to it right now… A lot more eminem screaming about how his life sucks!

OMFG, Lily Allen lost her baby?!?!??!?!?