Monthly Archives: March 2010

The last link was a wrong one I think… Go here just in case, if it is wrong again message me pls xD

I just check 2day on iTunes & the MTI Top 25 for April is on it & available to download! Go 2 2 download it via iTunes

It’s almost 80 in Chi-Town, but it’s still only in the mid 60s around here D:

In media arts xD no it’s not interesting of fun….

Life has been rlly tough 2day 😦

To all my radio DJ friends: IT’S PRONOUNCED A-LEA-HAN-DRO NOT A-LEE-HAN-DRO!!!! The DJs constantly pronounce this wrong 😦

Even though the new Twitter homepage doesn’t make me feel different, it does punch an edge at how I use the website 🙂

In lunch now D: it’s only in the 50’s rite now and ppl r eating ice creams already D: isn’t it too soon?

Math class now D:

Good morning everyone… Buenas Diaz….