Monthly Archives: May 2010

OMG Drake’s Over is so bad, from the beginning u just know it’s a stupid song, “I met some new ppl that I didn’t know last yr, who de f%#k r y’all?”

I think the Memorial Day hoilday has a deeper meaning than our Victoria Day holiday, I mean our troops are more important than the Queen’s B-Day!

For JB fans: if there were 2 tickets being given out, 1 a Jonas Brothers concert ticket & the other being a Justin Bieber ticket, which one would u choose? The losing ticket will also be shreaded πŸ™‚

5 projects & 2 tests all next week D:

Again the school’s wifi saved my ass once more πŸ™‚

Ottawa, ur new radio station is 99.7 EZ Rock! (and I thought Astral was going to kill all the EZ Rock branding for the new Boom FM branding xD)

Countdown to an iPad in Canada starts well today, cuz tomrw it’s gonna come out :S but I already have one… LOL jks! I wish D:

So did Lee rlly deserve to win? My think that Crystal deserved to win, I think that girl rlly can sing! BTW, KGGI is awesome, can’t stop listening to that station xP

If u worked in both Canada & the United States, then u would have 2 long weekends in a row, Victoria Day being last week & Memorial Day for the next