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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys! Happy Thanksgiving! But this blog isn’t just to say that. I wanted to ask people, what is the real reason people celebrate Thanksgiving? I doubt everyone who celebrates this festival knows what Thanksgiving is all about. My question is why turkey? Out of all the animals we eat, why turkey? Why not chicken? Or even duck? And what’s with the stuffing? Why do we need to have it?

Aside from my questions, Americans are the few nations that celebrate festivals through eating A LOT OF FOOD. For example, the Muslims have to be fastening during Ramadan, which is their little “holiday?” (note the question mark). Same with the Jewish people. They have Passover, in which they also don’t eat food for a period of time. It’s only acceptable in American culture to eat as much as you can during the holidays. No wonder everyone calls us fat.

Oh, let’s not forget what happens the day after Thanksgiving. BLACK FRIDAY!!!! (now is a great time to listen to REBECCA BLACK). There are tons of crazy people who camp outside the stores during the night of Thanksgiving, hopefully after their Thanksgiving dinner. The deals that the stores like Target, Walmart or Best Buy offers on this day, doesn’t really attract me. This is because many of the items they offer are on products that aren’t “hot selling” or “popular”. They are kinda using this day to empty out their innovatory on goods that they know no one would buy if it wasn’t discounted on. One excellent example is the deals that the Apple Store is offering. First of all, their discounts on the iPad, Macs and iPods are barely noticeable. It’s kinda like slashing the tax on those goods, that is if you live in a state like California, not like Delaware, where sales tax is just a myth. Back to my topic, notice how I didn’t include the product, iPhone, in the list of products that the Apple Store is discounting during Black Friday. Why? Easy, they just released the iPhone 4S and it’s been selling quite well, since it is a new Apple product and we know how people go AWOL for them. Now that’s some cheap discounting done by Apple…


When hard work doesn’t pay off

The saying goes that with hard work put in, you will get in return good results. However, we all understand that is never the case in many situations in life. Let’s go for an example. School. I think that’s the best example I can name of. In those tough academic courses like biology, math or English, do you think working hard will get you a high GPA? Like taking notes and studying and reviewing your material constantly? Not to mention recording the teacher’s lesson. Do you think doing those things will guarantee a high GPA? Most of y’all should say no because most of y’all know working hard won’t guarantee you a high mark. When teachers see that your asking them questions in class, after class and coming in on a regular basis for extra help, do you think they will boost your marks for working so hard? Most of them won’t. There are a few nice teachers who would round your mark off to a high grade (ex, a 78 to a 80) but for the most part, they won’t do much to your average, EVEN IF YOU PUT IN THE MOST EFFORT. Same goes with college. Hell, the professors and TAs can’t really give a crap if your doing all your working, devoting your life to the course. They will just look at your final exam and see if you pass it or not. That final exam could be like the hardest shit in the world and if you don’t pass it you won’t pass the course. If you complain to your professor or TA, then they will tell you like you obviously haven’t been efficient with your studying.

There is a difference between effective studying and doing well in college/high school. Even if you have effective studying, will you guarantee a high grade? Hell NO!

Overall, what society demands out of a person is someone who is intelligent. That person can’t work their way to being a smart person, they just have to be born intelligent. That’s what society wants. Not someone who works hard. Hard workers will be disappointed to hear this, but I think most of them will understand that is true. You can’t be dumb and hard working. Society doesn’t want those types of people. Society wants an intelligent person. Whether that person works hard or not, it doesn’t really matter. They will exceed in life a lot more than a dumb person. The end.

Here’s a quote to sum things up. Life isn’t fair.


Nostalgic feeling in video games :S

Sorry guys I haven’t blogged the last few weeks, I’ve been quite busy…. LIKE QUITE BUSYYYYY…. Like you should have known from my last blog post… Anyway, I’m on a fresh page ready to talk about something else…..

So I’ve been listening to music that you would often hear when you play video games. Now these tunes go back to the times when I was like in middle/elementary school. What do I mean? Well back in my days, we used to play a lot of Pokemon and Maple Story. Nowadays, I still have those folks from my high school who still enjoy these games, but the majority of them now play FPS, which is a load of crap if you ask me, compared to RPGs or MMORPGs… If you don’t know what those terms mean, that’s ok. You can still continue reading this, I will be soft on the video game jargon.

When I was like in grade 2 to like 4-5 ish, I used to love to play this game called Pokemon. Haha, most of y’all should know what that is. Anyway, if you don’t, it’s basically a RPG where your mission is to beat all the gym leaders (consider them your quests) and obtain the most Pokemon (think of that like money), some of which are hard to get and some of which can only be obtained through trading. When I listen to the music that gets played in Pokemon generation 1, 2 or 3, I usually get that nostalgic feeling that is really hard to describe. You just get it when you hear something that reminds you something from the past. It’s a hard to show others what that feels like, only you will know it. Now, if you play the game, New Bark Town (you can Google the music for this if you don’t play the game), is possibly the most nogalistic music from Pokemon out there. This is because I started playing Pokemon Crystal back when I was in grade 2 (2001) and I got my first Game Boy Color. The Pokemon game came with the game console. So I immediately fell in love with the game. I mean, even as I play it now, it’s quite addicting. New Bark Town is the first place you are located in the game and therefore means the most to me.

Another game that I have a hard time listening to without the feeling of nostalgia is Maple Story. Sadly, this game currently does not look anything like the one I played in the past. I still have a few friends who love this game, but to me, it’s a pile of crap. Seriously, the game has gone through so many changes, many of which make me mad. They have destroyed many of the locations that I use to train in (basically you level yourselves in these areas) and replaced them with like… I have no clue what to say about what they have replaced. I mean people had to work their ass off for like weeks or even months to get to a respectable level in the game. Nowadays, you can get to this level in a matter of days or even hours, if your hardcore. Anyway, not to bitch at the game anymore, this was the primary source for killing time when I was in middle school. I would do anything to get more time to level up. Parents have always used this to get me to do homework. Doesn’t really work. If the kid is thinking too much about video games, the least you can do is make them work on homework that they will have no time thinking about. All they will think about is the video game. Do you think forcing them to do a good job in the homework will help? Not really. They will still end up forgetting everything on it the moment they get their hands on the video game.

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