Monthly Archives: April 2010

OMG… This weekend’s weather is filled with rain, & a chance of thunderstorms on Saturday!!! On Monday, it will become sunny again D:

2 substitute teachers in a row D: I’m not liking this Spanish sub though xP she refused a student to go to the washroom, how evil is that?

Math class D: for now….

1999th tweet!!! Oooo how sweet will it be when it finally reaches the 2000th!!!! Gonna save that for tomrw though!!!!


Just finished the Spanish test, te reading comprehension part was pretty hard to understand, but the rest wasn’t that hard 🙂

I’m having a grudge on English xD


YES!!! Wifi upstairs working again!!!! It was having some problems prior to this D:

listening to Channel 955 🙂

Listening to commercial free Mondays on 92.3 Now in my Math Class cuz it’s not very interesting doing 1000 math equations xP

What’s so special about 11:11? And plus 11:11pm = 23:11 NOT 11:11 xP