Monthly Archives: July 2011

Guy says, “Hey, wanna give me ur number, cause I lost mine.” Girl’s response: “Sure, it’s 000-0000. Oh too many zeros? Must be like you.”

#Rappernames Put “Lil or “Young” infront of the name & you can be a rapper “Lil Nemo”, “Young spongebob”

All done. All done.

“No approval, no disapproval, no promotion.”- China’s communist government’s views on homosexuals 🙂 I like that.

Sure we’re getting close to 100 degrees weather, but do u wanna know how hot it is in the central states? Maybe around 110-120 w/ humidity?

WTF is Borders really gonna close all their locations throughout the States? I mean will B&N be the only major book store out there?

Wow a war vet from Iraq who lost his legs died after falling off a roller coaster at Darien Lake… Can’t believe they even let him on!!!

Still very pissed @Costco for not letting us “teens” in EVEN when we presented a Costco MEMBERSHIP to them. Is our $ not good as an adult’s?

I read the ratings for my summer school teacher on and apparently he ain’t easy :S oh but he does teach very well.

WOW. Nicki Minaj’s cousin got shot in NYC… Well not surprised… Anyway NOT guilty for Casey Anthony? Well she has very good lawyers…