New Year Comes New Yea… ok whatever.

Ok so this is one of my another rants again. So everyone in the New Year thinks about New Year resolutions. And come on, let’s be honest here, there IS NO WAY that you will keep that resolution for this year. So why do people make it? Well it just seems that it’s a “fad” that comes and goes around the new year season therefore people think, “oh if that guy is thinking of making a resolution of losing weight, so shall I!” NO DON’T DO THAT! You shouldn’t be influenced by what that other person is doing! New year resolutions are complete BS and we know it ok? Aside from the fact that it is BS, making them just makes you seem to want to do something, but in fact you aren’t really going to do, or plan on making a change to it. 


Take my podcast for example. If I were to treat the podcast as a “resolution”, even though it’s really not, but let’s just say it is. Then I would have kept it the “resolution” for a while. And why is that? Simple answer. I’m passionate about making this resolution. I love doing the podcast because I have a strong passion and desire to showcase music to other people and I also have a strong (and weird) passion for radio broadcasting. This helps me make my “resolution”. Ok now let me put in terms of an actual “resolution”, like losing weight. Unless your uttery passionate about losing that 40 pounds stuck in your belly, then you probably aren’t gonna do anything about it (or a doctor tells you that you need to lose weight because you just been diagnosed with a disease). But even if the doctor tells you once that you should be exercising each day to lose that weight so that you don’t contract disease, will you continue to do it for lifetime? Probably not. See us humans, unless we really want to do it because it is considered “fun” or exciting for us, then we won’t do that “thing” unless sometime dire strikes us and forces us to do that “thing”.


It’s really simple. To put it into simple terms, it’s about the passion and want to do something. If you don’t have it, then your not gonna do it.


So don’t go out today and tell your friends that you are planning on making a new year’s resolution. There’s literally no point, except if you really want to lie to them. 

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