2012 can be summed up in 3 words for me.

1. Podcast

2. Job

3. University

But of course, I’m not going to leave it into those 3 words. I want to go in depth into talking about these 3 important issues that happened in 2012. So let me go in order with how I wrote them down.

1. Podcast. The MTI Countdowns had an excellent year in 2012. It is undeniably one of the most active years on the podcast. So the questions remains, why put so much work on the MTI Countdowns in 2012? Well I have a number of factors on why I have dedicated so much work on this podcast. The main reason why I continue to do this is the hosts. If you looked at past countdowns, ex. before 2010, you would find that I hosted the majority of the podcasts. I would basically do one whenever I felt like it. I wouldn’t have any commitments and I wouldn’t have made any, because I would have needed to do a lot of work by myself to have the podcast done. With a team, we split up the work evenly and therefore workload is a lot less on me. Another benefit with hosts is that the word starts getting out that there is this podcast out there. And that leads up to another reason why I continue to do the podcast. And that reason is because of it’s popularity. Not only did we get over 6000 listens/downloads for ONE of the episodes, but we also managed to go to the number 1 spot in the pop charts (in the summer of 2012). We also constantly maintained our position in the top 500 podcasts on Podomatic. Ok so other than popularity and the help from friends, what other things made me pursue the MTI Countdowns? Well there is one last item that I would like to mention. And that is my passion for music. I love music. I think music destresses me all the time. I always like showcasing music that I love and enjoy. The podcast is a perfect way that I show this. Though I’m not a huge fan of popular (current) music, I still listen to it quite a lot because there are a few of those current songs that are catchy and good, which are mainly songs I try to add to the podcast. Ok so that’s enough of talking about the podcast. Now let me move onto my second important note of 2012.

2. Job. I got my first job this year and finally got to see what it was like having a job. Let me just say that making some money isn’t some easy shit. If it wasn’t for my union, I don’t think my boss would hire me back again for another year. Not that my boss hates me, but I think she would be able to find much better candidates than me. But with that said, I really appreciate all the lessons I learned during my first job. Whether it was knowing that big brother is always watching you or understanding that a job is harder than you think it is, I have learned so much throughout the summer 2012. Would I go back to this job again? Definitely. Would I have acted differently if I knew how the job was like? Definitely. Did I enjoy my summer? Uhh, that’s hard to answer. But this summer was definitely a memorable summer with all the ups and downs. Now before I really get fired for writing this post because I know Big Brother is always watching me, let me move onto my last point.

3. University. In the beginning of 2012, the big deal was actually worrying about getting accepted into a good program/university. That meant constantly thinking about my marks and how a 70 is a terrible grade to get. While in grade 12, everyday, I would wake up and open up my iPhone and check my university application to see whether or not I had gotten accepted or not to the program/university I wanted. In all the programs/universities I applied to, I only got rejected by 30% of them. That was much less than I thought. Actually a few of them didn’t really reject me (well few as in the ones I wanted to get into, not the ones for backup), they placed me on the wait-list. Ok so after I picked out the one I wanted (which wasn’t easy, but I had already kinda made my mind when I first got accepted to my current university), it was time to get ready for university. Well, not exactly because although my program is directly off a university curriculum, I currently go to a college. That means we do not have most of our classes in lecture halls. It also means that most of my profs actually know my name. WOW, don’t you wish your profs also could call you by name? I actually really enjoy my program right now and the people I have classes with. Many of my classmates are really excellent people to talk and socialize with! The only down part of university is the fact that our exams are very challenging. I mean it’s not much different from high school, but with university, if you end up failing the exams, then you will have to retake the whole year again (or at least for my program, some of my friends says they just get kicked out if they fail, which is even worse). But that’s a reality all my friends have to go through when they are in university. It isn’t just for my program. Overall, university so far has been an interesting experience and challenging one too! I’m prepared to go through the toughest terrains in university and as most people have to in order to get their bachelor’s degree…

Well that wraps up my 2012 highlights. I want to write more, but I honestly do not have anything else to mention other than those 3 points. 2013 is just going to be another interesting year to go through.


About maytableinc

Jack is the producer for the MTI Countdowns and manages all the work on the websites. He basically does all the background work. Official Site: http://www.mticountdown.com

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