Ah. What a spring break!

I’m so sad that spring break is now over for us. This was actually one of my best spring breaks I have ever had. Why? Because I did a lot of things and received many things that I have always wanted! Everything from crossing the international border for the first time with my friends without any parental supervision and receiving my super awesome HD Radio, there has been quite a lot of fun fun fun this break.

What comes after the break? Stress, stress, stress. I’m getting worried about getting back our math quiz back, even though it is a quiz… Along with that, I’m worried about an upcoming test about population in my world issues class. School is really catching up and ruining my fun fun fun… Seriously it really is… Senior year in high school is so tough because colleges and unis are looking through your GPA and SAT scores (don’t ask me what my score was cuz I really don’t wanna talk about it :P).

My doctor is already telling me that the stress that I’m producing is damaging my heart, therefore causing it to have problems. Nothing too severe though, just a faster heart rate. It beats the fastest when a teacher is handing out a test back or an important assignment. I always get more worried about getting it back instead of actually doing the test or assignment. Most of the time, I hate talking about a quiz or test the minute you finish it because I don’t not want to know what I did wrong. Usually when a teacher begins to talk about it, I end up failing that test or quiz for no apparent reason. It’s just a bad jinx for me. D:


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