False hope.

I’m pretty sure most of you have had this problem with your friends where they tell you that they will go somewhere with you, but only to say no last minute. I hate how many of friends do this because you get so excited for literally nothing. Your like “PERSON A IS COMING YIPPIE! SO EXCITED” and then they tell you an hour before the meeting that they aren’t coming because of some reason. Some of those reasons are explainable, like my mom made last minute arrangements to do this and that, but none the less, this shows how disorganized you are. If you say, HEY I’M GOING TO YOUR PARTY  or HEY I’M GOING TO THE DANCE, then you do it! Don’t just back out last minute! It gives all your friends false hope and shows that you don’t really care about them or put the things they do into importance. 


None the less, I have decided to end my relationships with a lot of my friends because they have not been committed to any of the events I told to attend. Plus their excuses were not really believable. I have heard, I have study the entire holiday so I can’t make it (the person who gave me that excuse didn’t even care much about her marks), My mom won’t let me go that far (even though we’re pretty much adults), My mom made an appointment on that day (well you should of told her that you’re busy today and book the appointment to another day?) and yah dadada. 


I feel really bad when I don’t attend someone’s party that they invited me to, now that I look at it. I feel bad for those times where I rejected them because of some silly excuse and if it was me right now, I would have not rejected them. Image

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