Why kids my age are 99% left wingers.

Lots of “young adults” my age are much more likely to vote for the Democratic Party than the Republican Party, unless your from those “conservative” states (the Bible Belt states). Why? Why do young adults from New York or California love voting for the Democratic Party, even though half of them have no idea what the party is willing to do to benefit them?


It’s a simple answer. Our teachers. Our schools Most teachers are definitely left wingers (of course, there are the few), as seen by their union. They teach us left wing ideologies like gay marriage is ok (I have nothing against it, but this is just a point I’m making), Marxism (learned about it in English class) and how war is not a good thing (it isn’t, but this makes students less supportive of our military). There are other examples of how students can get influenced by what they learn in school, but these are some main ideologies that I found wrong in the school curriculum. Why not learn about capitalism in English class? Why are we only learning about Marxism, Feminist, Freudian and some other left wingist ideologies? Why aren’t our teachers letting us know that capitalism is the driving force of our somewhat wonderful (hey, we’re still the number one country!) economy? Look at North Korea. Look at what communism has done there. Famine. That’s what. So why aren’t teachers educating that to us?


Most, if not all, of my friends will vote for the Democratic Party quite blindingly, since I know some of them do kind of live under a rock and have no clue what’s going on in the world. Voting for the Democratic Party is totally fine, IF you know what they are trying to support for. Don’t just go to the voting counter and vote for them. Look at what the candidate is trying to do if he or she gets elected. If you like what they want to do (even though we ALL know politicians are liars, COUGH COUGH OBAMA), then you should vote for them. 


This post isn’t supposed to sway people into voting for the Republican Party, this post is just to get young adults more educated on what they are doing when they are voting in an election. If you enjoy raising taxes to the higher and middle class people and giving money to poor people, then vote for a left wingist politician. But don’t just vote for that person because everyone else is doing so. Do what you want. No peer pressure. And you shouldn’t be subjected to this peer pressure because as citizens of this country, we must decide what YOU think will be the best candidate for this country. NEVER do what your friends are doing. They may not share the same political ideologies as you are.Image

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