Hey guys, I wanna really start blogging again and on a timed basis, if I can remember. So far right now, I just feel lazy and don’t wanna write anything on here. Not that I don’t have any topics that I can jog on, but it’s just I’ve been really lazy and I don’t feel like writing it all down.Β 


But for now. I just wanna say bullying sucks and that people should not be able to put up with it. They especiallyΒ should not be dealing with this crap. If you feel like your being bullied, don’t commit suicide or go on a school shooting rampage. Talk to people. If your parents aren’t helping look for others. Friends are one way, but if you don’t have any, there are always organizations that can help those struggling with bullying. There is always hope and suicide/school shooting should never be the answer to bullying.

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Jack is the producer for the MTI Countdowns and manages all the work on the websites. He basically does all the background work. Official Site: http://www.mticountdown.com

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