Christmas is around the corner…. OR IS IT…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…………. Everyone knows that song…. And it gets played a lot during the Christmas time. But the questions is, is it really the most wonderful time of the year?

Christmas is all about meeting friends and spending time with loved ones and for the little ones, it’s all about getting gifts from Santa. Because Santa Claus is a real person who works at your local Walmart or shopping center. And you get to take pictures with him there. But what about the children who do not get a gift from Santa? Who are these children? These children are ones who live in your neighborhood. These children do not have a gift for Christmas not because Santa was too busy to give a gift for them, it’s because in life, nothing comes free without any work. These children expect toΒ receiveΒ a gift without doing much, except for being good and nice. That’s not enough for today’s society. Being good and nice won’t get you much, except maybe a few friends that talk to you onΒ occasion. Children need to learn how cruel life can be. Christmas is a time for fun and good times, but not every family will be able to get this gift of Christmas. Stuffing a bus with toys or running toy drives won’t really do much, because these gifts will be given to the children who are extremely poor, AKA in homeless shelters because their moms/dads are drug addicts. What about those families who have lost their job in this cruel economy? Do the kids from these families get a gift from these donations? Nope. We think that the middle class families can really support themselves. But seeing how the American economy is, there are a lot of children from in the middle class families who do not get to have a wonderful Christmas time, with gifts. These middle class families who just lost their jobs in this terrible economy should really be taken into attention. Sure, those kids who live in homeless shelters need help too, but we can’t forget those families who actually supported the economy. These middle class families are now suffering because they recently been hit with this terrible recession and these children are gonna suffer with the parents.

Christmas is a time to give. Not just to those who are homeless.


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