A plea to the cell phone companies.

LTE. What does that stand for? 3GPP Long Term Evolution. We know it for its commercials on TV that Verizon and AT&T constantly hosts. They tell us that LTE is a completely faster network for those using smartphones, reaching up to speeds of 150 megabits/second. That’s a gallzion times faster than my crappy Internet. But really, what can we benefit out of LTE? Now if your not a techy guy, you would not give a crap about this LTE thing. However, most of y’all would want LTE. This blog entry is to talk about how Verizon or any of the other carriers should make the plans of LTE cheaper so more Americans can use this wonderful piece of technology. Seriously. I don’t wanna be asking to much out of the cell phone companies but I do wanna see more unlimited data plans being cheaper. Sprint currently offers their unlimited data plan, in which they market as a truly unlimited plan. I agree with 100% of what they are saying about the unlimitedness, but let’s take a look at the price of the plan shall we? 79.99 a month. Let’s just say 80, so we won’t get confused by their little marketing ploy. If we signed a 2 year contract with Sprint, how much do you think the average person will be paying in total for their “unlimited” plan? Let’s see, 80*24= 1920. So $1920 bucks. Oh wait! I forgot something! TAXES! Assuming there is no additional fees, which Sprint obviously will be charging you every month like 911 service, we’ll pretend to be living in the state of New York and the sales tax there is 4%. So let’s do the math again. Adding 4% tax will make the 80 bucks be more like $83.20. 83.2*24= 1996.8. That’s $2000. Actually probably a bit more, if you add in the surcharges and depending on which state you live in. So we’ll just roughly assume its 2000 bucks for a perfect 2 year contract. For unlimited data. That’s too much. Way too much. And not to mention Sprint doesn’t have LTE service yet, though they plan to release it very soon. So cell phone companies, if you get to read this. Please. I mean please. Make all the unlimited data plans cheaper. 50 bucks a month? Including talk and text. And please allow us use to LTE networks!


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Jack is the producer for the MTI Countdowns and manages all the work on the websites. He basically does all the background work. Official Site: http://www.mticountdown.com

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