Diversity, what a lie.

America is a place where everyone says we’re diverse and accepting towards other cultures and beliefs, but is that really true? Does this country really try to accept different cultures? Nope, not really. Actually not at all. Which is ok to a degree. For example, there was an issue when a high school in California banned students from wearing patriotic American clothes on Cinco De Mayo, which in my opinion, is totally absurd. You should be able to show your pride on any given day and not allowing these students from showing their pride on May 5 is just plain stupid. We don’t live in Mexico….

However, another type of anti diversity in this country is the fact that many people this nation doesn’t accept cultures especially the Muslim culture. Now I understand what they try to do to our country, but as a nation, we shouldn’t be keeping all of them hostage. It’s a very small minority of the Muslim people who actually think about destroying the American society. A majority of them are actually really happy that they get to live in a wonderful country like America and not in a country like Iraq or Saudi Arabia, where people are treated very differently (especially women). However there are still millions of ignorant Americans out there, talking bullcrap about the Muslim people and what they believe in. Now, I do not tolerate the ignorant things these people are saying but I do some what understand why they do it. It’s like Jewish people hating against Germans. It’s understandable. But if America wants to be a place where we accept different cultures, then we need to learn to tolerate people of all cultures. This is why I always like to judge people by their personality, not by their race. Sure I sometimes like to organize people from school, like whether their Hispanic, Caucasian or Black, but all my friends are just nice people. I don’t hang out with them because they are white or black, I hang out with them because they are nice people.

America, smarten up. Stop being ignorant towards people of different cultures.


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