MTI Top 25 update?

The MTI Top 25 is finally back again for a summer blast! Hear the hottest, I mean the HOTTEST songs of this summer, along with new songs that have just been released! In this episode, we are branded as MIX 107-9 (UTAH’S HOTTEST MUSIC, KUDD, KUDE, Nephi, Roy, Salt Lake City). Also if you have any questions about the songs on this countdown, which we’re sure some of y’all have, please feel free to go to our WordPress website, to see the list of songs on this countdown. The website is so make sure to drop by there. It’s under the “MTI Scripts/Countdowns” section. Aside from all this, we have a new video released each week of this summer! Yes a brand new (or a refurbished) video each Sunday of this week! I’ll be leaving to China by the mid of July, but of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t go on YouTube and upload a NON protest/China related video. Though it’s gonna be hard to squeeze in some time to do the uploading, we’ll try to meet the deadlines!

About maytableinc

Jack is the producer for the MTI Countdowns and manages all the work on the websites. He basically does all the background work. Official Site:

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