Too Bad, Not going to happen

On the days that I asked the people to do a reunion video with me and film like one last video for me, or the YouTube audience, they always come up with an alibi and after I have to halt the video shoot because someone went to Chicago or someone is in New York City…. These were some real excuses I got from them…. NOT JOKING HERE….

So the question remains, when will our last video ever happen? March Break was totally a good week of filming the final film but one told me that they had to go to Windsor for a Tennis Tournament (no names here…), one told me he’s gonna go to NYC and the other one told me that he had to go to Chicago…

This sucks, yes I know, but what can I do about it? I’m currently re-making the Ultimate Fighting Championships and it’s turning out pretty well….. Another thing I’m working on is the MTI Top 25 for April… This should be out in a few days, but I’m not even sure if I should release it…. Why? Well basically no one ever downloads our podcast (and it’s likely that no one will see this blog post….) so when I spend about 2 hours putting music and voices together and no one looks or listens to it…. I get pissed and then I don’t wanna do it anymore… Does this sound ok?

So if you do see this blog, which I’m pretty sure most of you won’t, understand that I’m trying really hard for the whole group to make more videos…. But so far, many people are busy with their lives and therefore, I can’t do anything about that…. Are they lying? Well I have no idea and whenever I call them, another alibi gets thrown at my face and therefore I have to halt or suspend the video…. Understand? I’m trying to get this news out on Twitter, but since you are not able to write more than 140 characters per post, I have given up doing that. BUT DON’T WORRY, I’M GOING TO WRITE MORE BLOGS ON WORDPRESS 😀

I still haven’t completely decided what our last video should be and I’m way too lazy to write up a script when I know someone is gonna cancel it, so I’m looking for everyone’s help on making it! If you have any ideas of what our last video should be about and what our script should be about, please feel free to holla at me anytime via this blog or Twitter will be fine…. Even MySpace or Facebook is good!

If we really do this last video, I’ll have another FULL blog post on what it is going to be about and of course, I’ll type up the script and put it RIGHT HERE, so that y’all can see it and give your opinions on it! I don’t want it to be very mediocre so I NEED YOUR HELP! It does need to be very funny though… If it ain’t funny, then it ain’t written by us (or directed by us for that matter :O)

If you have read this post from top to here, I congratulate you because you have wasted about 2 minutes or more of your life that you’ll never get back on something I’m pretty sure you don’t give a crap about. Then again, I will be very happy if 2 people that’s not me sees this blog >_<

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